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J. Patrick Kelley, Ph.D.
My research examines organism-environment interactions across ecological gradients to understand how behavior and physiology shape natural selection and demography. These investigations are built upon quantitative natural history data and the quantification of climatic variation and biotic pressures using a variety of statistical approaches (nonlinear modeling, occupancy models, spatial analysis). My primary research programs are:


January: Moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada; Will be traveling to Florida and Panama many times in the next months!
December: Signed on as postdoctoral research at Florida State University with Dr. Emily DuVal to work on Lance-tailed Manakins in Panama.
November: Wrapping up data analysis in the spider lab and co-authoring my first big grants (including my first NSF).
October:  I have become a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Tropical Research at University of California, Los Angeles.
September: Visited the Center for Tropical Research at University of California, Los Angeles and gave a talk on my dissertation research.
August: Attended the North American Ornithological Conference (NOAC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
July: Lab experiments on water tolerance and multi-modal signals in field-collected jumping spiders.
June: Conducting the second set of surveys of jumping spiders in the Santa Rita Mountains in southern, Arizona, USA.
April:  Conducting the first large-scale, systematic survey of the Habronattus jumping spider community in the Santa Rita Mountains in Arizona, USA.
March: Field work in Panama on vocal signaling in Slaty Antshrikes.

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